Internet is not just the computer

29 September 2011


You must remember that your websites more and more often are viewed by mobile browsers users. The growing popularity of palmtops, smartphones, or tablets makes the fact that you should seriously consider this fact when preparing and building your website.

Since 1992, the moment of appearing of the first IBM smartphone called Simon, the popularity of portable devices with internet access grows. Between the first quarter of 2009 and the same time of 2010 the number of smartphone increased by 48,7%. The sailes iPhone itself was planned on a level of 100 million devices. During nine months, from April to December 2010 the iPad tablet was bought by fifteen million users. The Gartner company estimates that in 2011 almost 55 million models of tablets will be sold. In 2014 sales will reach even the level of 200 million pieces. Considering all portable devices, smartphones, tablets, PDAs, palmtops and other, in the end of 2011 much over 1 billion people all over the world will use mobile web browsers.

The owners of big and popular portals are aware of this new market which is opening before them and are trying to follow the new trends. Unfortunately the steps taken seem to be not thought over properly. A perfect example of problems with accessibility is Facebook. No one will be able to count the number of mobile versions of this site. Almost every country in the world had at least one language version of Facebook dedicated to portable devices. The service creators themselves trying to reach the mobile clients made a separate application for Apple devices. It replaces the need of using the Facebook’s structure. Unfortunately, like other applications of this type such as Nasza-Klasa or Allegro the mobile version limits the functionality of users account.

The idea of making special mobile versions of sites is not a new thing. Unfortunately the website developers still see accessibility as limiting the functionality of a site to its most required options. For an example let us take the mobile versions of bank’s sites or even mobile Google version. This second one was deprived of headlines which made the navigation very easy using a portable web browser.

At the root of the problem lays misunderstanding of accessibility issues. The website’s owners, aware of the fact that they are displayed wrong in mobile devices, order special version of the site. In this situation proper to do would be correct modification of the original website so it is displayed right in all web browsers. Compatibility with all HTML, CSS etc. standards will provide full access to every website, using every browser and with remaining full functionality of the page.

Check if your website is accessible and if it will be displayed properly in on a mobile device browser.