New validator – Accessibility without JavaScript

30 December 2011

With a real pleasure we present to You a new validator which was added to our service. Thanks to a next feature our service can check new spheres of accessibility. We encourage all willing to test it and provide us with some feedback.

Accessibility without JavaScrip

WCAG level A
The test analyses how much a site differs with and without the JavaScript code use on the website. Internet sites, if it’s possible, should be projected in such a way that their functionality will be identical with and without the JavaScript code use activated in a web browser.

Excess of JavaScript code is problematic for users with older web browsers, disabled people with vision dysfunctions using screen readers, or the users of mobile devices.
In some companies due to security policies the JavaScript use is automatically blocked, what causes, that their workers also have more difficult access to the sites on which the content was embedded using this kind of coding.

We encourage familiarizing with the Description of all tests of Utilitia Service where you will find comprehensive information about all other validators available.