“Accessible websites of local governments ” training this time in Mazovia!

15 December 2011

obraz - szkolenia Utilitia

Another training course from the cycle “Accessible websites of local governments” was held on 14th December in Warsaw. It consisted of three modules: the legal one, the technical one and the workshop.

More than a dozen representatives of the local government of Mazovia took part in the training course. In the first part, legal aspects of Web accessibility were discussed in detail. We presented regulations valid for some time now and regulations to take effect soon.

In the second, most extensive part we introduced the rules and tips concerning Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) to participants. Examples of incompliance with the guidelines of W3C were demonstrated and it was also discussed what consequences this brought for Internet users.

In the last part we presented various tools for conducting an independent analysis of Web accessibility, including Utilitia.pl service.

Due to considerable interest exhibited by local governments, we are planning to organise successive training courses soon.