Utilitia’s training courses

We have long-term training experience in the field of widely understood accessibility and developing the awareness concerning the disabled. The training programme is adjusted individually, due to the specific needs of the Customer. The costs of the training are calculated on the basis of the venue, number of participants and number of instructors.

Our training courses are addressed to:

  • representatives of the public administration,

  • local government officials,

  • designers and administrators of Web pages,

  • employees of IT departments,

  • schools and universities,

  • employees of the tourism and catering industry;

Training topics

Accessibility of websites and electronic documents

The current laws aim to guarantee the accessibility of websites and electronic documents of public institutions. For this reason, we offer the course during which we explain what is hidden behind new regulations and how they can be effectively implemented. Thanks to our training courses, participants will find out what information accessibility is, who is affected by the lack of accessibility, how the available Web pages can be implemented and ordered, and how the tools for the independent control of the accessibility of websites and documents can be used effectively. We mostly present the advantages of increasing the accessibility of websites and documents.

Accessibility of educational facilities

We present how schools and universities can be adopted to the needs of people with various disabilities in technical and administrative terms. We demonstrate good practices and effective solutions gathered during long-term cooperation with universities. During the training course, we will present how and where subsidies for the adaptation of institutions and the educational system to the needs of the disabled can be obtained from.

Accessibility of tourism and catering industry

A lot of hotels, restaurants and travel agencies are not aware of how large the potential group of the disabled customers can be. During the training, we present professional service of this kind of customers and ways of increasing the accessibility of the offered services. In 2012, Poland is the co-organiser of the European Football Championship and many disabled people can be expected as visitors. Our programme has been elaborated thanks to international cooperation with European partners.

Increasing awareness concerning disabilities

The disabled are among us and they have the same expectations and problems as we do. During the training, we aim at making participants aware of how the disabled function, how they cope, work and function in the society despite their limitations. We also demonstrate why it is worth investing in their potential and skills. We show arguments why one should think about the disabled in a different way because they can become the customers of one’s company, partners or classmates of one’s child. The training course is dedicated both to school teenagers and all those who meet the disabled in their work.

If you are interested in our training courses, please contact Ms Anna Żebrak at 663 883 335 or at anna.zebrak@serwer1353629.home.pl.