Who’s affected by the lack of Web accessibility?

Utilitia service is directed to a wide spectrum of users: to people digitally divided, informatively and socially excluded, to authors of web pages, commercial entities and public institutions obliged by law to share the content of their web pages to the full extent.

Divided People

  1. digitally divided – people using mobile or less popular Internet browsers; users of obsolete hardware or slow Internet connections;
  2. 50+ – senior citizens and people with lower or alternatively profiled education;
  3. physically and mentally handicapped people.

All these people have problems accessing all or some information published on web pages. The use of Utilitia service will provide these divided or excluded people with full access to website content.

Public Sector

In 2006 it was stated that only 3% of the examined public websites complied with minimum accessibility norms.

At the Ministerial Conference “ICT for an Inclusive Society” held on 11th June 2006 in Riga, EU Ministers signed the declaration according to which they are obliged to provide full accessibility of all public web pages as stipulated in the guidelines of W3C Consortium.

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Private Sector

Ensuring website accessibility should be one of the elementary marketing tasks of each company.

About 25% of Internet users are affected by the lack of accessibility. The number of Internet users is increasing day by day. Owners and authors of web pages do notice measurable advantages of the popularisation of information and Web services to a growing extent and this makes the importance of website accessibility constantly increase.

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Public Benefit Organisations

Utilitia is a tool that can be used by public benefit organisations. Acting for or on behalf of their beneficiaries, they can now promptly and easily prove it for respective institutions that an improperly designed web page is inaccessible.

Our service is intended for the public sector: to government institutions, administration offices, ministries, to the educational sector, schools and universities, to private individuals and commercial companies. We believe that thanks to Utilitia the accessibility of websites will become a standard.

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