What is an Accessibility of web pages?

Web Accessibility means designing a given website or portal in a universal way, so that it can be accessible to the majority of users.

Anyone having such an opportunity uses or want to use the Internet. Unfortunately, around 25% of these people are affected by the lack of Web accessibility.

The creation of accessible Web pages according to the specification of the technologies used and international standards will make information published on the website reach 25% of the people who have been digitally divided so far.

See who is affected by the lack of Web accessibility most and for whom Utilitia service is intended.

If you want to check if a given site meets accessibility requirements, you only need to register and log on to www.validator.utilitia.com, then enter the address of the site to be verified in the edition field and press the “Start the analysis” button. After the conducted tests, the user will receive the general report specifying the accessibility of a given site in the scale from 0 to 10 and the detailed report in which, apart from information on the detected errors and their location, there will be suggestions on how to correct the detected irregularities.