Utilitia cooperates with FDC – Accessible Cyberspace Forum, which is a group of representatives of non-governmental organisations, among others, acting for increased accessibility. Thanks to this cooperation, we can be sure that the solutions we execute comply with general standards and their usefulness has been positively evaluated by a wide group of experts in the field of accessibility.
TPG – Towarzystwo Pomocy Głuchoniewidomym (Society for Helping Deaf-Blind People) was established in 1991. It operates all around Poland and is the only institution in Poland specialising in supporting people with simultaneous vision and hearing disorders.

Fundacja Studentów i Absolwentów Akademii Górniczo – Hutniczej w Krakowie ACADEMICA (ACADEMICA Foundation of Students and Graduates of AGH University of Science and Technology) has functioned since 2001, actively supporting and inspiring the development of culture and science among the students of AGH University of Science and Technology.

Szczupła Informatyka – Michał Gładysz’s company dealing with Internet consulting.

Agencja Reklamowa MIMIGroup – advertising agency specialising in Internet marketing, design of Web pages and Web positioning.

Apius Technologies Sp. z o.o. – global company whose activity is focused on the security of digital information and IP communication.

Unizeto Technologies SA, the producer and integrator of ICT systems, is Utilitia’s partner in cryptography and encryption.

Certificates we have been granted by Unizeto guarantee safe and reliable connection of all users to Utilitia service and they also prevent the violation of the integrity of transmitted data.