How to use Utilitia

At present, Utilitia works in two modes:
Demo mode – this mode can be used by everyone, no matter if the user has an account in our system or not. The limitation for unregistered users is the possibility of testing one web page only and using only four validators.
Full mode – in this mode, each registered user may analyse 10 subpages of any Internet site.

Demo Mode

To use demo mode, you only need to go to the address of our website:
Then, in the edit box described as “URL to be tested” you need to enter the address of a web page to be tested by our service.
The next step is the selection of tests to be conducted. We do it by checking the selection box that appears next to the name of the test. It is possible to select one or more tests to be performed.
Caution! In demo mode, the tests checking multiple subpages will not function due to their specificity.
Upon selecting the tests you are interested in, click “Start analysis!”. After some time, depending on the loading of our website and of the server with the tested web page, you will get information on the test results. The information displayed on this screen will refer to the general web page condition, and also the number of errors found by particular testing modules. From this screen we can go to the display of the detailed analysis report, with information on the row and column of the tested web page where an error has occurred and on the error type.

Full Mode

In the full mode the user may analyse up to 10 subpages of any Internet site. The number of subpages in this mode may be changed in the future, and also additional paid service work modes can be added. To use the full mode, you need to have an account in our system. In order to create such an account, you need to go to: and click “Register!”.
In the appearing form, you need to type your active e-mail address, which will from now on serve as user’s identifier in the system, then type and confirm your password of at least 6 characters. To take advantage of the full functionality of Utilitia service, you also need to accept terms and conditions, checking a selection box, and then click the “Register!” button.
In order to complete the registration, you need to check your e-mail box and follow the directions specified in the message. If you do not receive the message within 30 minutes, please check the unwanted e-mail folder, also known as Spam.
If you still find no message from Utilitia, please send us a notification to in order to have your account activated manually by the administrator.

After the successful account activation, you need to click on the “Log in” link on the main page, and then type in your e-mail address and password.

After logging on to the system, you can perform analyses similarly as in the demo mode. Additionally, upon choosing the “Perform full service analysis” selection box, we can conduct an analysis of up to 10 subpages of a given website. Apart from this, there are testing modules available which can be used when testing more than one page.
Apart from these facilitations, we can also browse the archive reports using the “Archive (number of archived analyses)” link.

Each previously performed analysis can be viewed by looking at its status and studying a detailed report; such an analysis can also be removed from the system.
The “Profile” link allows for switching on/off the notification of the completed analysis by e-mail (“Send e-mail after completing the multi-analysis” selection box), changing the password or removing the user’s account.

Paid Mode

Paid mode works in a way similar to the full mode. Additional advantages are mostly connected with the possibility of analysing any number of subpages and technical support while elaborating or incorporating individual accessibility solutions. You can find more information on this subject by clicking the Offer tab.

Removing the Account

To remove an account, click on the “Remove account” link, confirm your choice by clicking the OK button, then check your e-mail box and follow the directions included in the message.
Should the problems with e-mail functioning occur, please contact us at
Caution! For security reasons, only the requests coming from the address to be deleted will be processed, after confirmation with a return e-mail message.