To begin with, we would like to thank you very much for your interest in our service, and most of all in the aspect of web page accessibility. We believe we will build better Internet together!

Utilitia service features

Utilitia service enables:

  • checking the accessibility level of a web page,
  • checking conformity of a web page to WCAG 2.0 guidelines elaborated by WAI advisory group at W3C consortium,
  • checking conformity of a web page to the specification of technologies used in its creation,
  • analysis of the entire Internet web page, irrespective of the number of subpages it contains,
  • creation of a report including detailed information on repairing the irregularities found;

Why is it worth using Utilitia service

Utilitia service is a globally innovative tool. There is no similar solution in the world. There are single tests on the Internet which verify some of the elements controlled by Utilitia, but they do it in a much narrower and very limited range. Only two validators, HTML and CSS, both created and recommended by W3C consortium, have not been made by Utilitia. All other analysers have been created by Utilitia project programmers. Some of them use external technologies, e.g. the proof-reading test uses Microsoft Translator resources.

The greatest asset of Utilitia is the possibility of analysing an entire Internet site with the use of several dozen validators at a time. Other tools checking the accessibility level of web pages can analyse one subpage only. Utilitia service does multi-analyses in which the number of subpages tested can be equal to the number of subpages of the entire service, no matter if the portal contains 100, 1000 or 100 000 subpages.

Transparency and consistency belong to the next assets of Utilitia. External tools, e.g. HTML or CSS validators, generate different messages. Their evaluations do not correspond to each other. After running all tests by Utilitia service, unequivocal and consistent information from each test is generated.

The majority of analysers available today limit their activity to error detection. Utilitia service not only precisely locates the irregularities found (subpage address, column and row number in webpage code) but also gives information on how such an error should be fixed.

Another unique feature of Utilitia is its full objectivity. The full set of analyses is performed automatically, with no human interference. It makes test results free from subjective references, inconsistencies or human error. The evaluations of analyses are repetitive and unquestionable.

If a client decides to buy subscription in Utilitia service, apart from using the service itself, they will have an opportunity to use technical support, e.g. in case they want to create additional facilitations for various user groups or if they wish to help elaborate individual accessibility solutions.

The final report is the result of the conducted analysis. The report has three formats, intended for various recipient groups: executives, managers and specialists responsible for building an Internet site. The first one contains only a general evaluation of accessibility and conformity to international standards. The second one is extended with more detailed information about the analyses that have not been completed successfully. The third one, the detailed report, contains very precise information about what, where and how should be improved to increase the accessibility of the web page being analysed.

Utilitia service stores archived analyses. Thus, the user may get to know the progress in increasing accessibility of the given web page in a given period of time.

Utilitia Tests

See what Utilitia can do. Click on Description of all Utilitia tests to get detailed information on each validator. You will find technical descriptions and information showing who can be affected by the irregularities found.

Unless otherwise stated, Utilitia is the creator of all available validators. Our programmers constantly elaborate new tests, which we will be able to attach to Utilitia service in this way increasing its functionality all the time.

How to use Utilitia

Upon clicking on the link How to use Utilitia you will find exhaustive information on how to use Utilitia in a quick, correct and reliable way.

If you don’t know what’s going on

In case you encounter incomprehensible definitions or abbreviations in the content of our website, you are encouraged to visit the tab DICTIONARY OF DEFINITIONS AND ACRONYMS where you will find brief descriptions and references to more detailed descriptions.